10 Tips to Pass Your Canadian Written Driving Test

Published on Aug 29, 2014

Regardless of where you live in Canada in order to begin your driving career through a graduated licensing program you will need to successfully complete a written driving test.Writing any test can be a scary experience but it doesn't have to be. With...

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G1 restrictions - Ontario G1 license restrictions and requirements

Published on Mar 03, 2013

The Ontario G1 driving restrictions are designed to keep new drivers safe on the road as they work on their driving skills. In order to avoid G1 license suspensions and/or fines these rules must be followed by G1 drivers at all times. Make sure you...

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Tips for Selecting an Accredited Driving School

Published on Dec 13, 2012

As drivers prepare for any stage of their driving career it is important to select and attend an accredited Canadian driving school to potentially benefit from lower insurance rates offered to accredited school graduates and gain the maximum possible...

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How to Get A Canadian Driving License - Immigrants License Guide

Published on Jul 09, 2012

Getting a Canadian driver license is a key component of any new immigrants to do list and an exciting part of the transition to a new country. Get all the information you will need to either convert your existing license in to a Canadian license or the...

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Recently moved to Canada? What you need to know in order to drive

Published on Jun 18, 2012

Driving in Canada for a new immigrant may be a very different experience than an individuals country of origin and for that reason it is important to understand the process to obtain and rules that govern driving with a Canadian driving...

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