Northwest Territories Motorcycle Driver License - Northwest Territories License Process, License Office and Driving License Renewal resources

In order to get a motorcycle license in the Northwest Territories, you must pass several tests including a written test, a lot test, and road test. In order to apply for a motorcycle license, you must already hold at least a Class 7 learner's permit. Fully licensed drivers may take the tests as well.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test

The first step to motorcycle licensing is to pass the written knowledge test to prove your understanding of the rules of the road and road signs, and the ways in which they apply to motorcycles in particular. These questions are all drawn from the Northwest Territories motorcycle handbook. Once you have studied this, you can prepare for the real test by using the practice tests on

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

The best way to learn how to be a good, safe rider is to take a motorcycle safety course. These training courses can also help you to develop your skills so that you are able to successfully pass your road test on the first try. can help you to locate a good motorcycle safety training school in your area.

3. Take the Practical Test

The Northwest Territories requires riders to pass two sections of a practical test. The first is a test in the lot, which requires you to execute a set a maneuvers to prove your skill and balance on the bike. The second is a road test during which you will further demonstrate your ability to maneuver a motorcycle in real world situations. Passing both of these tests will earn you the Class 6 full motorcycle license and lift your restrictions. Contact the local Northwest Territories Driver Licensing office to schedule your tests,

4. Get Insured

Just like with cars, motorcycles require insurance in the Northwest Territories. As a newly licensed rider, you can get the coverage you need by requesting motorcycle insurance quotes on

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